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Diamond quality carpet rug, upholstery and leather cleaning in Perth

Carpets are a significant investment in your home. To protect that investment and your health it is recommended that the average household has their carpets professionally cleaned at least every 12 months. For larger families and pet owners every 6 month is a better option. Your carpets may appear clean but it’s the unseen soils, bacteria and allergens that can damage your carpets and the health of your family.


Before carpet cleaning 


After Carpet cleaning

At Diamond Carpet Care we offer a fantastic deep carpet clean that dries faster, looks brighter feels softer and stays cleaner for longer than ever before, plus that you can walk on straight away. 

We use a carpet cleaning system that is up to 90% more water efficient than other methods, with no waste water produced that needs to be disposed of down your drain. This makes our cleaning system more environmentally sustainable and also gives us much quicker drying times while still leaving your carpets looking and smelling amazing.

Best of all our fantastic results last longer thanks to clever technology in our cleaning solution that helps to repel soiling even after were gone. Leaving your carpets looking cleaner for longer!

We pride or selves on providing the best service. We are more than willing to move some of those heavy items like lounges, beds, and tables so that we can clean the whole area. Our willingness to go the extra mile along with our attention to detail will bring your carpets back to looking and smelling their best.



When you call Diamond Carpet Care you don’t have to worry about us dragging pipes all the way through you house potential damaging walls and creating trip hazards. Our methods are much less intrusive and quieter causing less disruptions and enabling us to access areas that other carpet cleaners can’t go, including multi level units and large commercial areas.

Once we have cleaned your carpets we have available an optional “Guardian” protection package can be applied to your carpet. This protection will help keep your carpets cleaner for a much longer period of time by creating a protective barrier around the carpet fibers helping to repel soiling. This means when you vacuum you will remove more soil form the carpet, leaving it looking cleaner well after we are gone. This protection also gives you more time to clean up any spills before they cause any permanent damage to your carpet and help protect your investment.

At Diamond Carpet Care we offer a fantastic clean that that dries faster, looks brighter, feels softer and stays cleaner for longer than ever before. We are a member of the Australian Carpet Cleaning Institute abiding by their code of conduct so you can be assured of quality and professionalism.


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Finally there's a spot cleaner that is simple to use and actually works!

Simply spray on and wipe off with a microfibre cloth. Works great on carpet, rugs, and upholstery

Only $29.95 with a free microfibre cloth.

Call now and we can deliver it free to your home, anywhere in the Perth metropolitan area 

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"Thank you for the great service and professionalism provided whilst attending our home recently for cleaning. I found your service of a very high standard and I have never seen our carpets so clean, you have removed a few stains that I thought would never be fixed! I will be recommending you to my family after what you were able to do to get our rugs clean as well."
Helen from Morley