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Perth Rug Cleaning

At Diamond Carpet Care we provide the absolute best possible rug cleaning in Perth every time. Our rug cleaning comes with a long of advantages that include


  Fantastic Perth rug cleaning results that dry fast 
  A deep pile clean no matter what type of rug
  Softer and brighter rug cleaning , with longer lasting results
  Quiet operation with less disruption to Perth  households 
  Our Perth rug cleaning methods are environmentally sustainable
  Rug cleaning that is safe for all including pets, babies and allergies 
  Fully qualified, reliable, friendly, local Perth technicians 
  We will ALWAYS vacuum before cleaning
  A member of the Australian Carpet Cleaning Institute (ACCI)

Rug cleaning in Perth is all in the detail and at Diamond Carpet Care we have qualified technicians who specialise in cleaning all types of weaves and fibre's, from delicate silks to durable wool and the bright modern acrylic styles.

rug cleaning before photo
Rug Cleaning Before
rug cleaning after photo
Rug Cleaning After

Like carpets in Perth regular cleaning is essential to stop the build up of soils, bacteria and allergens that can damage your rugs and the health of your family. At Diamond Carpet Care we offer Perth a rug cleaning service that not only gives amazing results but is also fast drying and provides a clean that lasts longer all thanks to clever technology. This low moisture, environmentally sustainable rug cleaning technology along with hospital grade HEPA filtration makes it ideal for anyone in Perth with allergies or asthma as well as  pet owners and families with babies as it will remove bacteria, fungi and odours that can build up if left uncleaned.

Once your Perth rugs are clean we are able to apply an optional Guardian Rug Protection that will keep your rugs looking cleaner for even longer by helping to repel soiling. This rug protection will also give you more time to clean up any spills before any permanent staining can occur potentially increasing the usable life of your rug.

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Happy   Customer   Testimonials


"I used Diamond Carpet Care to revive a rug I have in my lounge room. I was amazed with how clean and fast it dried even when it was raining outside, almost walkable as soon as it was done. Great job and would highly recommend. Keep up the good work"
Alessandro from Perth